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Save Money on Your Taxes!

ECH Every Child’s Hope is now offering

Youth Opportunity Program and

Neighborhood Assistance Program Missouri Tax Credits!

Every Child’s Hope has been awarded a grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development enabling us to offer state tax credits to eligible donors under two different programs:

YOP:  Anyone with a Missouri Tax liability making a donation of $500 or more.  Gifts of Cash and Stock are eligible.  This is a new grant that we were thrilled to get.  Plenty of YOP credits are currently available.

NAP:  Any donor with a Missouri Tax Liability related to a business income.  This includes LLCs, rental property, etc.  Gifts of cash or stock of $500 or more qualify for NAP.  NAP credits are limited, so act soon!

How much is the tax credit worth?       The tax credit is worth 50% of your YOP or NAP donation.  For example, a donation of $500 would equal a $250 tax credit.  Plus your regular federal and state tax deductions apply for the entire $500 donation.  Credits can be carried over five years.

How do I apply? Just designate your donation of $500 or more when you mail it in as a YOP or NAP contribution.

Questions?  Contact Sharon Fenoglio at 314-427-3755 or