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  The following information was created for the 2013 Annual Report.


The Early Education Center seved
   Total Children Served: 69

   Total Head Start Children: 21
   Average Age Served: 3 years and 1 month

Carrie Elligson Gietner School
   Total Day Treatment Children Served: 28

   Total ECH Residents Served: 59

Family Connections:
Outpatient Psychiatric Services:

    524 total clients seen
    Average age: 13

 Family Reunification Services:
   47 Adults         91 children       

 Family Solutions for Kids:
   331 Families
   Average age of children served:12
   Families intact at discharge: 99%



Residential Treatment

Number of Clients Served by Unit (Duplicated)             125

                Male Safe Intensive              31

                Female Safe Intensive                    30

                Open Male Unit                              25

                Open Female                                 25

                SOcial Behavioral Learning Unit       14


Number of Clients Served (Unduplicated)                      88