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The natural progression from the Transitional Living Program is into Steppingstone. Steppingstone is for young adults, ages 18 to 21, who are ready to function without a lot of structure. They are first moved into campus apartments where staff members offer more supervision and focus on the basic life skills they learned with in the Transitional Living Program.

Steppingstone begins with the young adult living in an apartment by themselves, working and going to school. More emphasis is placed on independence and staff members encourage the young adults to make more decisions on their own. Each individual has their own plan for success and must follow it to move into the next phase of the program.

When ready, the young adults move from the campus apartments to community apartments where staff members have less daily involvement. They are encouraged to continue striving for complete independence. When they first move into their off-campus apartments, ECH subsidizes their move, slowly withdrawing financial support until they are completely on their own financially.