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Foster Care Case Management 

ECH started the Foster Care Case Management Program in 2005 because of a decision by the state of Missouri to begin privatizing a portion of the foster care cases that traditionally have been managed by Children’s Division. 

ECH collaborated with the Missouri Alliance for Children and Families and several other private child care agencies to provide these case management services. As a result, the Foster Care Case Management program now serves children and families in three counties, St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. 

The Case Management program consists of two Supervisors and 10 Case Managers. These 10 Case Managers serve over 126 children, ages 0-21, and their families each year. We work intensively with the families and their children to create “Forever Homes”. These are homes in which the children can call their own. Our first goal is to work with the parents of the children, to strengthen the families and to assist them in being able to offer a safe and nurturing home for their children.

If it is not possible for the children to return to their parents, then we try to work with other family members to create a permanent situation for the children. We also work diligently to locate family that may not be involved or know the situation of the children. We work to include them as part of the support system for the family, as possible placements for the children or to be a part of the planning.   Finally, we work with other resources in the community; such as friends of the family, foster parents and adoptive parents, to create a permanent home for the children so that they can be a part of a family and ultimately not be involved with the Child Welfare system.

The Foster Care Case Management program is an outcome base program. This means we have an annual goal to find permanent home for our foster children.  The current contract goal is for 72 children to reach permanency per year.  This keeps us very focused on safely returning the children to the community. It also keeps us very excited about seeing 72 children be able to be in their “Forever Home”