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National Spirit of Alliance Award presented to
St. Louis local Social Worker – Debora Lake




For immediate release – October 23, 2014 – St. Louis, MO
            ECH Every Child’s Hope Life Skills Coordinator Debora Lake received the national
Spirit of Alliance Award  by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities on
October 16, 2014 at their annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA.


The Spirit of the Alliance Award is a national award that recognizes an
individual’s direct service to clients; commitment to his or her organization; and
dedicated service to children, families, and communities.


Selena Vaughn, current ECH Board Member and former client of Lake’s,
wrote the following when nominating her for the award:

Growing up in foster care you are often labeled from the start and
there aren’t very many people who are willing to look beyond your
circumstances and recognize that you have the potential to be more
than just a case number or another child/teen in their program.
That you in spite of your circumstances have the ability to succeed
and that all you need is support, guidance, and someone who
genuinely cares. This is Debora Lake.


Lake has worked at ECH’s Steppingstone program with homeless and
at-risk youth ages 18 to 21 for more than thirty years.  As the
Steppingstone Life Skills Coordinator, Lake teaches youth the skills they need
to make it on their own and live independently. 


           Lake dedicated her award to “all the resilient youth in Steppingstone.”  

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, is a national membership organization
located in Washington, D.C., that is dedicated to achieving a vision of a healthy society
and strong communities for all children, adults, and families.